The Healing Body + Gentle Guardian + Settle & Soothe

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This limited edition bundle brings together Gentle Guardian and The Healing Body, two of our gentlest blends to support your body during illness.

The Healing Body helps with aches, and pains and healthy management of fever without blocking the body’s healing process, it also reduces inflammation as well as supports your gut health.

Gentle Guardian a powerful yet gentle synergistic combination of immune-supporting compounds that work together to promote calm and balance in the body’s healing response. Suitable for sensitive individuals.

Settle & Soothe this unique blend offers swift relief for seasonal allergies, stabilizes mast cells, and reduces histamine response.

+ ingredients


· Organic Chinese Skullcap root
· Organic Camu Camu Extract
· Organic Reishi Extract 8:1 (Fruiting Body)

Other ingredients: Organic Coconut Glycerin, Purified Water


· Organic Turmeric
· Organic Ginger
· Organic Holy basil
· Organic Rosemary
· Fulvic Acid

Other ingredients: Organic Coconut Glycerin, Purified Water

· Organic Chinese Skullcap Root
· Organic Nettle Leaf
· Organic Albizia Bark Extract
· Organic Holy Basil Leaf
· Organic Perilla Leaf Extract
· Organic Calendula Flower
· Organic Goldenrod Leaf & Stem
· Organic Giloy Leaf & Stem

other ingredients:
Organic Coconut Glycerin, Purified Water

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