multi-mineral & detox blend

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Sourced from the ancient earth in its purest form, fulvic and humic acid supports your body with bioavailable multi-minerals and toxin elimination.

Tasteless and dissolve in water or your favorite drink without stirring, an easy way to add this rich natural compound with a diversity of health benefits to your daily routine.

+ key benefits

· binds and eliminates toxins and heavy metals
· rich source of natural minerals including amino acids, · electrolytes, trace and rare minerals
· contains high levels of bioavailable antioxidants
· supports mitochondrial biogenesis
· enhances efficient cell respiratory function
· aids cellular health and regeneration
· cardiovascular support
· improved oxygen transport
· increases nutrient absorption
· increases collagen production
· anti-Inflammatory
· supports gut health
· improves skin health
· improves cognitive health

+ additional features

· high fulvic and humic acids content
· Independent third party tested
· Lamar quality analysis
· derived from pure, prehistoric plant-based deposits
· patented extraction method maintaining purity and safety

+ ingredients

· humic acid
· fulvic acid

+ suggested use

Dissolve in purified water or your favorite drink.

+ caution

This is a powerful detoxifying blend and can cause detoxing symptoms that can vary from person to person. You might experience diarrhea, headaches or nausea in the first few days of use.

Speak with your trusted health provider if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have an underlying health condition.


  • why did we make this blend?

    Fulvic and Humic acids are rich sources of natural minerals and trace elements most of us are lacking since our soil is depleted of fulvic and humic levels due to modern farming practices. 

    Not all fulvic and humic products are the same nor are all safe. The source of extraction is extremely important, so is the extraction method used. Use of chemicals when extracting humic substances reduces the amount of minerals, minerals’ bioavailability as well as the product safety.

    Of The Earth is exceptionally high grade multimineral supplement offered directly from the earth itself in its purest and most bio available form to help us detox, remineralize our body and support general health.