The Liver Protector + The Earth Drops

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THE DETOX SUPPORT brings together The Liver Protector and Earth Drops for supporting drainage of toxins, & remineralization of your body.

Together both blends work synergistically to help support your body during detoxification by providing micro-nutrients and trace minerals to your body, supporting and replenishing your liver, the major detoxification organ, supporting digestion, opening up your drainage pathways, and binding the toxins to pull them out from your body.

 The Liver Protector keeps the body's detoxification channels open and moving, improves your liver’s function, and keeps this detox organ happy by protecting it and supporting its regeneration, The Earth Drops provides your body with much-needed trace minerals and micro-nutrients, enhances metabolism, supports mitochondrial function, facilitates the elimination of cellular wastes and binds heavy metals for elimination through the digestive system.

This duo also helps with better digestion and restoring the gut microbiome, as well as absorption of vital nutrients through your food and supplements + provides superior hydration and essential nutrients lacking in your diet.

+ ingredients


· Organic Milk Thistle Seed
· Organic Dandelion Root
· Organic Artichoke Leaf
· Organic Schisandra Berry
· Organic Barberry Root
· Organic Burdock Root
· Organic Chicory Root
· Organic Turmeric Root
· Organic Reishi Mushroom (fruiting body)
· Organic Angelica Root
· Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Bark

Other Ingredients:
· Organic coconut glycerin, purified water


· Humic acid
· Fulvic acid
· Micronutrients*

*contains over 70 naturally occurring minerals, trace minerals, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, organic acids, fulvic and humic acids, polyphenols including flavonoids, and phytochemicals compounds.

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