Wild Wholistic: setting a new benchmark in the supplement field

When you take a dropper full of an herbal tincture or take a capsule you are basically taking in the intelligence of multiple plants in your body. 

In fact, just one herb can contain hundreds of compounds that work together in synergy to address a range of health conditions. Imagine taking in a few whole plants in one dropper full or a capsule.

this is why it’s so important to know where your plant medicine is coming from, how it’s been made, and what’s its strength. 

You want your blends and ingredients as close to nature as possible and enough concentration of the botanical ingredients in each serving to get the full benefits of plant medicine. 

At Wild Wholistic, we care to ONLY bring you high vibrational balanced blends made with raw ingredients as pure as it gets and as close to nature as possible. 

Every single wild wholistic tincture is highly concentrated and potent. In fact, in just 1 ml or approximately a dropperful of all our tinctures, you get a proprietary blend of 500 to over 950mg. This potency is unmatched in the supplement market just as the purity and our high standards for our tinctures and all our supplements is unmatched.

Speaking of glycerin, you've probably seen "vegetable glycerin" listed as "other ingredients" for glycerin based herbal tinctures on the market. We've found most vegetable glycerines are made from rapeseed oil aka canola oil. Other base options for vegetable glycerin are soy, palm, grape seed or flax. We sourced organic coconut glycerin for all our tinctures to make sure what we bring to our customers for healing won't cause any ill effects. 

Wild Wholistic is in fact the first and only company to use coconut glycerin in tinctures while no one else questioned the glycerin in their tinctures or in the supplement market. 
This is what we do at Wild Wholistic, always raising the quality standards bar for the supplement industry as well as for our customers.

Besides the fact that we have highly concentrated tincture blends and only use organic coconut glycerin for our glycerin-based tinctures, all our tinctures are also double extracted meaning they are extracted once with alcohol and once with purified water - to make sure we get all the properties of the herbs - as you don’t get all the medicinal properties if botanicals are extracted only with either alcohol or water. The alcohol is then evaporated before we add coconut glycerin to stabilize the blend and achieve an alcohol-free tincture. 

We also pay thousands of dollars for all completed blend batches to independently test them for purity. This is beyond all the other testings done on each and every raw ingredient sourced and during formulation. You can check all our third party test results here.

after all, struggling to find pure and potent formulas for our own healing journey was the initial spark behind Wild Wholistic. 

That is why our first and foremost focus IS & WILL always be on efficacy and quality. If you ask people we work with, including the farmers, suppliers, and manufacturers... they will tell you we only will settle for the best out there and are willing to pay for it no matter the cost.

All that we do is to give you the confidence that all our blends are made with our utmost dedication to efficacy and purity and our wild love and care for health and humanity.

With love,

Pari & Tamina