Nature's Powerhouse for Health Fulvic + Humic The Earth Drops blend

Derived from the depths of the ancient Earth, The Earth Drops presents a powerful combination of fulvic and humic acids, offering essential minerals, gut, brain and immune health and detoxification capabilities. Just like every single blend at Wild Wholistic Earth Drops' boasts of impeccable sourcing and effective formulation.


Essential Nutrient Delivery and Detoxification

Sourced from pristine environments, fulvic and humic acids aid in mineral delivery and toxin elimination within the body. They help balance cellular electrolytes and provide necessary trace elements, supporting hydration and nutrient absorption. The Earth Drops can help facilitate oxygenation, aid in cellular waste removal through antioxidants,  increase mitochondria production and improve sugar and carbohydrate metabolism, enhancing overall  nutrient uptake.

Supporting Digestive Health

The Earth Drops is designed to fortify gut health by sealing cellular junctions in the gut lining, promoting microbiome diversity, and enhancing nutrient absorption. This helps alleviate common digestive discomforts like indigestion, gas, and bloating, fostering a healthier digestive environment.

Boosting Immune Function

A strong gut contributes to a robust immune system, and The Earth Drops supports this by nurturing a healthy gut microbiome and reducing inflammation. By fortifying cellular junctions and maintaining a balanced microbiome, The Earth Drops aids in immune response, defending the body against external threats.

Nurturing Neurological Well-being

In addition to gut health, Earth Drops supports brain function by facilitating nutrient delivery and reinforcing the gut lining. This promotes microbiome diversity crucial for neurotransmitter production, contributing to mood stability, cognitive clarity, and overall neurological health.

Glyphosate Protection: Earth Drops contains Humic extract which offer protection against glyphosate, a common herbicide found in agricultural products. By aiding in detoxification and supporting gut health, The Earth Drops can help mitigate the effects of glyphosate exposure.

Gluten Guard: Earth Drops contain Humic extract, which activates the enzyme DPP4. This enzyme assists in breaking down toxic peptides found in gluten, making The Earth Drops a potential ally for those sensitive to gluten.

Enhanced Energy Levels: By optimizing nutrient absorption and cellular function, The Earth Drops contributes to increased energy levels and vitality.

Improved Skin Health: with supporting gut health, being an antioxidants powerhouse and its gentle detox properties taking The Earth Drops daily can help promote clearer skin and a healthy complexion.You can also use The Earth Drops as a mask topically or on rashes and acne for itchiness relief, faster healing and glowing skin.

Sourcing and Purity

The Earth Drops ingredients are USA sourced from pristine mineral deposits formed millions of years ago. Our gentle extraction process ensures purity without compromising safety or effectiveness. 

With meticulous sourcing and a commitment to transparency (You can find third party heavy metal test results here), Earth Drops just like every other blend at Wild Wholistic sets a new standard for natural supplementation.

Suggested Dosage:

Add 10 drops to 16 ounces of non-chlorinated water or your favorite beverage and drink it throughout the day. For best results divide the dosage to 3 times daily: about 3 drops x 3 times daily morning, noon and night. Do not take undiluted. Shake well before use.

With 10 drops daily the bottle gives you 120 servings! 

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