There are no incurable diseases – only the lack of will. There are no worthless herbs – only the lack of knowledge.


it started with our father and our own struggles seeking healing in the allopathic system being gaslighted, taking multiple pharmaceuticals, and putting bandaids on symptoms for years.

battling cancer, my father took every chemo and prescription medication given to him and participated in clinical trials as if he was the lucky one having the opportunity to do so.

All those pharmaceuticals made him live in pain, swollen, with bleeding rashes, not able to eat, walk, rest or just be...for years until his body gave in, in a hospital bed.

As our father was battling cancer, I was struggling with extreme fatigue, not being able to move my body, extreme brain fog, IBS and digestion issues, panic attacks, mood swings, constant migraines, infections, and many emergency hospital visits. Yet, none of my allopathic medical doctors ever had any answers for me, rather piles of more prescription medications to suppress my increasing symptoms.

My father’s passing and our own struggles and not being able to find any answers in the western allopathic system made us turn our attention and focus on ourselves, trusting our intuition, our body, and its healing powers. We took things into our own hands, educating ourselves on holistic healing and plant medicine.

Natural herbal remedies (now made into Wild Wholistic ancient plant medicine) helped make our healing journey easier and supported our body to heal itself.

Relearning our ancestral ways of healing and medicine inspired by our ancestral (Persian) ways of healing including our own great grandmothers known as healers at their time, it is Pari and I’s mission to bring back the ancient wisdom and plant medicine blends that helped our own healing journeys to you and the world and share our learnings with You.

We are the living proof that our ancestral medicine heals, plant medicine heals, Mother Nature heals, and that our bodies and minds are capable of the unimaginable. Our body heals when we provide the support and environment it needs to do the healing.

We are here to provide you with what helps and supports your body to heal itself. Show you the power of Mother Earth and its healing medicine and provide you with options that support your healing journey.

Together we are relearning our journey back to wild self, back to our roots in nature, back to wholeness, and using Wild Wholistic potent plant medicine blends to support our body’s healing journey.

tamina & pari