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A unique blend of synergistic ingredients to help reduce pain and inflammation, while supporting holistic healing.

The Healing Body is a highly potent and bioavailable blend of natural herbal COX-2 Inhibitors & Anti-inflammatories for pain management with some of the safest, most common, and most effective ingredients for chronic and acute pain.

+ features

. double extracted
· alcohol-free
· organic coconut glycerin-based

+ key benefits

· COX-2, without the side effects associated with NSAID pain relievers
· decreases inflammation
. maintains comfortable joint movement
. natural pain reliever
· bitter blend for enhanced digestion
. enhances diversity of the gut microbiome
· improves blood circulation
. improves cognitive function
· adaptogenic blend that improves resistance to stress
· easing grief and anxiety
· balances the metabolism
· protects body system from disease and damage
· improves vitality and resistance
· protects immune health to fend off colds and other infections
· antioxidants powerhouse
· source of trace minerals
· improves liver detoxification
. helps keep fevers in safe range while naturally supporting the body to heal itself

+ ingredients

· Organic Turmeric
· Organic Ginger
· Organic Holy basil
· Organic Rosemary
· Fulvic Acid

Other ingredients: Organic Coconut Glycerin, Purified Water

+ suggested use

Adults take 20 drops, approx 1 dropper one to two times a day or as per the advice of their doctor.

Kids take 1 drop per 5lb of body weight one to two times a day or as per the advice of their doctor.

You can take it directly on the tongue or mix with water or herbal tea. Shake well before use.

Please note that this is only a standard suggested dosage. We are all different and can be dealing with unique health concerns, it is only natural that some might need less than the suggested dosing and others might need more.

When starting a new supplement, opt for a smaller dose and test your tolerance by listening to your body and trusting your intuition.

Always check with your healthcare provider before starting a new supplement.

+ caution

Wild Wholistic blends are premium, pure, highly concentrated, and very potent. This makes it critically important to start implementing our blends slowly into your daily diet. Go low and slow. Start with a minimal dose every day or every other day. Listen to your body intuitively and slowly build up the dosage in the coming days or weeks to the suggested dosage or the dosage that most resonates with you and works best for your body.

DISCLAIMER****WILD WHOLISTIC is not responsible for individual misuse of herbs or any possible sensitivities or reactions. It is the customer's responsibility to know the individual herbal frequency, recommendations, cautions, interactions, toxicities, sensitivities, reactions, and individual health issues before using herbs and any Wild Wholistic blends.

It is the individual responsibility to always check the ingredients of the blend and/or check with their doctor before making a purchase to make sure they are not sensitive to any ingredients listed or the mixture doesn't interact with medications or supplements they currently take.

It is important to note that all dosage recommendations provided are universal yet everyone's health issues, sensitivity, and needs are different. As such, it is the individual responsibility to find the right dosage that works for them or to work with a healthcare provider to find the right dosage for them.

Always speak with your trusted healthcare provider before starting a new supplement especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have an underlying health condition, or are taking medications.

+ how to store

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

  • turmeric


  • ginger


  • holy basil

    holy basil

  • rosemary


  • fulvic powder

    fulvic powder

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  • who is it for?

    This formula is for anyone dealing with chronic inflammation or acute pain including rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis as well as migraines.

    Due to our modern way of living and our toxins overloaded environment, our body is dealing with inflammation and is always in a state of healing.

    We made “The Healing Body” to provide that daily support for our body to heal itself holistically. Anyone looking for a formula as a disease preventative and to support their whole-body health can benefit from this formula.

  • why we made this formula?

    Diet and lifestyle come first, of course, but plant medicine helps along the way. Our potent anti-inflammatory tonic will jump-start the process of reducing the body’s inflammation and is safe to take long-term if needed.

    Turn to this healing anti-inflammatory plant medicine tonic daily for overall well-being, disease prevention, and treatment for serious health conditions.

  • it all makes a huge difference

    → 1:2 concentration ratio for high strength and a more potent formula

    → Fulvic acid to enhance absorption of ingredients while adding trace minerals & elements, amino & organic acids

    → Organic coconut glycerine - most glycerin based tinctures on the market use either palm, soy or rapeseed oil based glycerin known as vegetable glycerin. The Healing Body is made using organic coconut glycerin.

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