does your mushroom supplement contain any mushroom?

The mushroom supplement has a big problem just like the supplement industry in general and that's transparency about products, but also the lack of potency, purity and quality.

There are many mushroom supplements out there but do they all give you the nutrients and medicinal properties they suppose to? Did you know most mushroom supplements on the market contain mostly grains instead of beneficial active compounds? this was one of the main reasons we started bringing our own mushroom blends at Wild Wholistic.

Using only myceliated grain to produce “mushroom supplements” is misleading as the resulting supplements have no mushroom (fruiting body). Myceliated grain is produced by growing mycelium, the mushroom root system, on a grain substrate like rice or oats. This means the final product contains mostly grain as the grain the mycelium was grown on becomes inseparable from the final product. This means high amounts of starch and fillers instead of beneficial active compounds like beta-glucans.

We only use certified organic 100% fruiting body mushroom extracts either wild harvested or cultivated on wood in their natural habitat, in natural light that has the full complement of vitamins, minerals and naturally produced active compounds just as nature intended. All our mushroom products have >20% Beta-glucan, The Resilient Body and Reishi both are third-party tested and verified to have >39% Beta-glucan!The mushroom (fruiting body) is the most ideal for making mushroom supplements and it costs more because:

  • It contains vital nutrients, including proteins, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  • It contains high levels of beta-glucans—the healing compound.
  • The mushroom has no starch content as the growing substrate is not harvested with it.

Remember, like many plants, mushrooms are a product of their environment. They draw minerals from their growth medium or substrate- if mushrooms are grown on grain in a sterile lab like most mushrooms in the market they don’t have many health-enhancing compounds.

purity and potency are always of utmost importance to us. Pari & I source every ingredient ourselves and won’t bring you anything unless we found the highest quality and most potent ingredients out there.

We third-party test every single batch & you can find the results here on our website.

With love,

Pari & Tamina