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a synergistic blend of 5 medicinal mushrooms to strengthen immunity and support overall health and vitality. 

Medicinal mushrooms modulate immune function and can help retrain your inner army to fight the right battles. They can be worthy additions to most people's diet, with broad action to support your immune system (in infections, autoimmune disease, allergies, and cancer alike), heart health, blood sugar, and inflammatory response.

The Mushroom tonic is your daily multi mushrooms in just a dropper full - a delicious way to get your daily dose of nutrient-dense mushrooms with powerful medicinal properties for enhanced energy, focus, and overall health and vitality. 

This highly concentrated dual extract tasty adaptogenic blend is made with organically wood grown and wildcrafted extracts of red reishi, cordyceps, turkey tail, chaga, and lion’s mane mushrooms, it is alcohol-free with organic coconut glycerin base which makes it great for kids and the whole family.  

+ features

· organically wood-grown or wildcrafted mushrooms
· 100% fruiting body mushrooms
· dual extracted
· high concentration
· alcohol-free
· organic coconut glycerin-based

+ potential benefits

· supports immune health
· immune modulating
· balances and strengthens the immune system
· adaptogenic
· enhances physical and mental energy
· boost oxygen utilization
· strengthen respiratory function and structure

+ ingredients

· Organic Red Reishi Extract
· Organic Cordyceps Extract
· Wildcrafted Chaga Extract
· Organic Turkey Tail Extract
· Organic Lions Mane Extract

+ suggested use

Adults take 20 drops, approx 1 dropper one to two times a day or as per the advice of their doctor.

Kids take 1 drop per 5lb of body weight one to two times a day or as per the advice of their doctor.

Add to the tongue directly or mix with water or tea. Shake well before use.

Please note that this is only a standard suggested dosage. We are all different and can be dealing with unique health concerns, it is only natural that some might need less than the suggested dosing and others might need more.

When starting a new supplement, opt for a smaller dose and test your tolerance by listening to your body and trusting your intuition.

Always check with your healthcare provider before starting a new supplement.

+ caution

This blend is safe to be taken pre, during, and post pregnancy and by breastfeeding mothers after clearance from the healthcare provider.

DISCLAIMER****WILD WHOLISTIC is not responsible for individual misuse of herbs or any possible sensitivities or reactions. It is the customer's responsibility to know the individual herbal frequency, recommendations, cautions, interactions, toxicities, sensitivities, reactions, and individual health issues before using herbs and any Wild Wholistic blends.

It is the individual responsibility to always check the ingredients of the blend and/or check with their doctor before making a purchase to make sure they are not sensitive to any ingredients listed or the mixture doesn't interact with medications or supplements they currently take.

It is important to note that all dosage recommendations provided are universal yet everyone's health issues, sensitivity, and needs are different. As such, it is the individual responsibility to find the right dosage that works for them or to work with a healthcare provider to find the right dosage for them.

Always speak with your trusted healthcare provider before starting a new supplement especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have an underlying health condition, or are taking medications.

+ how to store

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

  • red reishi


  • cordyceps


  • chaga


  • turkey tail

    turkey tail

  • lions mane

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Customer Reviews

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Cristina Oliver
The best

Amazing product 🙏🏼

Alana randolph
Potent medicine

I have not met a wild wholistic supplement that I didn’t like or immediately notice benefits from, you can feel how high of quality these medicines are


High quality adaptogen

Amazing Product!

I love being able to get in high quality mushrooms in seconds! Knowing I can easily add these into my daily routine is a relief, and they taste really good too! I can even get my little ones to let me give them a few drops as well. Very high quality and great product!


Doesn't taste great, but it's a quick and easy way to help my kids get the benefits of mushrooms. They get half a dropper once a day, followed by a shot of juice to get rid of the taste.