Calm The Storm + Settle & Soothe + Gentle Guardian

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This limited edition bundle in celebration of the launch of Wild Wholistic & The Holistic Mother collaboration brings together three collaboration blends Calm The Storm, Settle & Soothe and Gentle Guardian.
+ ingredients

GENTLE GUARDIAN: Chinese Skullcap root*, Camu Camu Extract*, Reishi Extract (Fruiting Body)*

SETTLE & SOOTHE: Chinese Skullcap Root*, Nettle Leaf*, Albizia Bark Extract*, Holy Basil Leaf*, Perilla Leaf Extract*, Calendula Flower*, Goldenrod Leaf & Stem*, Giloy Leaf & Stem*

CALM THE STORM: Chinese Skullcap Root*, Japanese Knotweed Root*, Houttuynia Cordata Powdered Extract*, Licorice Root*, Chinese Salvia Root*, Cordyceps Mushroom Fruiting Body Extract*, Black Cumin Seed oil*

other ingredients in all three blends:
Coconut Glycerin*, Purified Water

*organic ingredients

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