Struggling to find pure and potent formulas as we started our own healing journey was the initial spark behind Wild Wholistic.

That is why our first and foremost focus is and will always be on efficacy and quality.

When it comes to what we put in, on, and around our body we always look for the best and we believe in investing in our health, rather than scrimping and saving when it comes to this most precious asset.

Our high standards always make us go above and beyond what is the standard practices within the industry. We never settle for good enough rather always strive to have the best quality, most potent unique blends for ourselves, our family, friends, and YOU.

It’s our honor to offer exceptional plant medicine blends that nourish the body and help direct the body to heal itself while reducing belittling painful symptoms using all-natural ingredients without exposing the body to harmful synthetics, chemicals, and toxins.

Every Wild Wholistic formulation is made without cutting corners or expenses spared, ingredients sourced from most reputable sources, using only safe and effective extraction methods for our plant medicine tonics and capsules.

All Wild Wholistic products are produced in small batches using only organic or wild-crafted ingredients. We never use fillers nor binders and are dedicated to sustainability and socially conscious practices.

Implement Wild Wholistic blends in your daily healing rituals with the confidence that all our blends are made with our utmost dedication to efficacy and purity and our wild love and care for health and humanity.

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Certificate of Quality Assurance